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  • " My parents had retired to Vegas and after they died I was left with their home. Because of the economy no one was buying homes in Vegas and the amount it was costing me to hold on to the house during this time was eating in to mine and my wife's savings. Not only did CASH FOR MY CASA buy the house and relieve me of the burden, but they got me a free room on the Strip while I was in town to close the deal. These guys are great!"-Terry S, Kenosha, WI
  • " I’d been offered a job in another state and needed to get out of my old home fast. At the time, my family didn’t have the luxury of listing the house and waiting for someone to get approved to buy it. Whatever money I was going to get I needed to help finance the move as well as the purchase of my new house. CASH FOR MY CASA closed on the deal in ten days. They’re fast, courteous and professional and I would recommend them to anyone." -David C,Salt Lake City, UT
  • " After the divorce I found myself with a big empty home I couldn’t afford to make payments on. Really I just wanted to take the money and be done with the thing and the idea of opening up my doors every time a potential home buyer wanted to walk through and look around did not appeal to me. CASH FOR MY CASA bought my home and helped me close that unfortunate chapter of my life - fast. They couldn’t have been more helpful." -Sharon N,Las Vegas, NV
  • " I had lost my job and was out of work for over a year. Almost immeditatly we fell behind on our mortgage payments. The bank was no help. In fact, if the bank could have been less help they would have done that. Luckily, a friend recommended the guys at CASH FOR MY CASA. They caught up my back payments, bought the house from me at a fair price and helped me move on with my life. They helped me out during a really bad time and I appreciate everything that they did for me." -Dylan M,North Las Vegas, NV
  • " We’d inherited a house from a relative who spent his last years less and less concerned about the quality of his surroundings. To say the place was a dump is being charitable. I didn’t want to step foot in the house, much less deal with the clean up or the cost to get the place presentable again. CASH FOR MY CASA made me a more than fair offer and bought the house within two weeks time. We got a check with absolutely zero hassle. It couldn’t have worked out better!" -Brenda K,Laredo, TX
  • " The best thing about CASH FOR MY CASA is their patience and professionalism. My family was having a hard time with the house we had and it took us six months before we finally decided to sell it. In that time, they were always there to answer our questions and we never once felt pressured. A nice, honest, easy going group. I’d recommend them to anyone!" -Dale C,Las Vegas, NV
  • " My brother and I had inherited our parent's house after my mother passed. We grew up in that house and while we hadn't lived there in a number of years it had great sentimental value for both of us. The guys at Cash For My Casa were very respectful of that. They took the time to make us aware of all of our options, and they gave us the time we needed to come to terms with that decision. They're very respectful of the seller's needs and made sure that we were happy with the final outcome. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell an unwanted house or property."-Brandi H, North Las Vegas, NV
  • " We had moved from Las Vegas to Sacramento because my wife had been offered a job. We listed our house and had it under contract to be purchased when we had taken out a loan on our new house. It was then that the first deal fell through and we suddenly found ourselves paying two mortgages. Seven months later we still didn't have a buyer on the Vegas property as two other interested parties couldn't get approved for a loan. We were so lucky to have come across the guys from Cash For My Casa who not only paid cash but closed fast. "-Michael A, Sacramento, CA
  • " I had a nightmare tenant who caused a great deal of damage to the house I owned. After my experience with him I wanted nothing to do with land lording ever again. Unfortunately because of the damages and the money I had already spent trying to evict him I didn't want to spend more to try to fix it up and sell it with a realtor – I just wanted to be done with it. Enter the guys from Cash For My Casa. They closed on the property in under two weeks and I had a large chunk of change in my bank account to put into safer investments. "-Frank S, Henderson, NV

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